About Us

At first, I was the only one writing and editing the Admit One Security articles because I couldn’t find others that were as passionate about this as me.

However, over the past few years, I’ve met some incredible people who were extremely knowledgeable on the topic of security camera systems. Lucky for me, they wanted to work with me and now make up the Admit One Security Team.

Together, all of us work extremely hard every day to provide the best possible content we can. Each article, review, and how-to is checked by multiple people to ensure it’s high-quality and error-free.

Of course, we are only people, so we might make a mistake every so often. That’s why we love to encourage our readers to share their opinions in the comment section.

If you don’t agree with something we’ve said and think that there are better products or methods out there, please tell us!

Also, if you have a product that you know and love, let us know. We might even feature it in one of our next reviews!

Why We Stand Out

We’re different from all of the other websites that write about camera systems. Why, you ask? The answer is — experience and dedication.

To start, we never write about the products that we haven’t tested ourselves.

Also, we verify every single how-to article that we write and always try to think outside of the box. We don’t want to bore you just by spewing out some random and dull information.

Instead, our goal is to educate our readers and help them learn something new in a fun and original way. Hopefully, we’ve done that in the easiest and most concise way possible.

What We Write About

As you might have noticed, we mostly focus on security cameras and systems, but we also write about other things.

Our Blog

On the Admit One Security blog, our readers can find out exactly how cameras work, which ones would suit them best, and what they need to install them. We’ll also show you what the best ways to keep tabs on your business and home at all times are.

Not only that, but we’ll even show you how to open a business or retail store in the first place. You’ll also learn how to prevent crime in your area simply by implementing a few design changes.

As I said, we’re much more than just a website that writes about security cameras. We care about keeping your family and business safe so that you don’t have any more restless nights.

Our Recommendations

On the recommendations tab, you’ll find every single product we’ve loved over the years. There, you’ll see all of the cameras that got the number-one spot in our reviews and get a quick link to buy them.

What’s more, we’ll also show you the best techniques for making your cameras work for you.

However, at the end of the day, these are just our recommendations, and you shouldn’t take them as guarantees.Even though we might introduce a new product to you or point you in a specific direction, the final decision should be yours to make.


Our Reviews

Let’s get this right out of the way — we’re extremely proud of our reviews.

To start, we buy every product that we review and test it out for a few weeks before we give our final thoughts. Also, we include short pros and cons lists for all of the cameras that we review so that our readers could make the right decisions.

What’s more, we never recommend a product that hasn’t met our high standards or try to push it on you. We take a look at all of the criteria our readers might find important, like battery life, image quality, and much more.

Then, we test the companies’ claims about their products and compare them to our findings. Only when we’ve done all of this will we write the reviews.

However, every single product review should be taken with a grain of salt. Some of the things that we like about a particular model you might find unnecessary or the other way around.

We also might not get something right or experience the same things as other users. So if you’ve used any of the cameras or products we mention, please share your experience with us.

If we all band together, we can make a fantastic community of people that help each other stay safe.

Our Affiliates

Admit One Security is a proud Amazon affiliate and has been for a while now. But what does that mean for our readers?

Well, we’ve put a link to every product we mention in our reviews, and each time you buy something from it, we earn a small commission.

Of course, you won’t have any additional charges or have to deal with any annoying pop-ups.

What’s more, we’re also partners with a few different stores like Flexoffers, CJ, ShareASale, and many others.

By shopping at one of these stores and marketplaces, our readers will have an extremely easy and pleasant experience while helping us continue doing what we love.