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4 Tips In Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

As a small business owner, you should educate yourself about crime prevention through environmental design or the CPTED.

It is a branch of science that concerns itself with a practical design and utilization of a physical space that can reduce the risks of crimes. CPTED’s primary goal is to eradicate the fear of crimes in a business centre and protect the building from being one of the criminal’s target by strengthening its security system.

With crime prevention through environmental design, business owners feel more secure in their business, the safety of their workers, and their customers inside the building. It also makes the potential offenders of crime feel uncomfortable going near the place.

In implanting the CPTED, there are four fundamental tips on environmental design to observe:



It is the most vital part of crime prevention through the environmental design security systems and when appropriately incorporated into the environmental design, can ward off potential offenders or solve a crime immediately.

Surveillance in a company is a must. Still, there are ways to improve the surveillance system of the business building to ensure the safety and security of the people inside the building.

  • Use NVR recording equipment. In improving the security system, NVR equipment should be taken into consideration. This highly-advanced security tool will allow the user to go back and examine the footage. NVR equipment is priced reasonably as it is made for small business owners. It also provides high-quality videos.
  • Get rid of blind spots. When it comes to installing battery-powered security cameras, it’s crucial that you get rid of any blind spots in the area. Position it in a place that will allow you to see the entire room without any blind spots. In that way, it will be easy to identify any malicious activities within the premises. Installing the surveillance camera in a location where the potential offender can automatically see it can help in warding them off from breaking into the building.
  • Communicate with the workers. To strengthen the surveillance in the building, it’s also vital that you communicate with your workers. They may offer suggestions that can help you to improve your security system. Avoid becoming an overbearing business owner to your workers; otherwise, you won’t be able to establish trust with them.
  • Invest when necessary. Don’t be afraid to invest in high-quality video surveillance and business security cameras when necessary. The quality of the aforementioned equipment should not be compromised over a lower price. Keep in mind that the equipment will play a vital role in the safety and security of your workers and customers, so don’t be afraid to make the right investment.

Access Control

Access Control

Access control is the system that refers to how you safeguard the corporate IT and data of your small business. Therefore, it is vital that you improve the access control system of your company to ensure the security of the data and protect any confidential information that your company is liable of.

  • Establish clear and defined whitelisting policies. Start by building a repository with clear whitelisting policies that will manage the handling of the access rights. Individuals of higher authority can handle the policies to implement to the organization. It should be existing and implemented that can be accessed by the user groups.
  • Withdraw the digital rights of a retiree. If you are going to lose a worker, make sure that you withdraw all of their digital rights at their departure. They should lose the connection to the company and their access to the digital files if they are no longer working for the business. Small businesses are now implementing automated technology that will eradicate all of the former worker’s access to the files once they are gone.

Territorial Reinforcement

Territorial Reinforcement

This refers to the division of public and private property. People in authority will immediately notice if there are any intruders inside the building. It’s also a way to secure the property.

  • Receptionists must be alert. They must have clear sightlines of all the entrances and exits of the building. Receptionists must be trained to spot intruders and must be able to call for help in a discreet manner in case they notice something suspicious.
  • Security signages must be visible. Aside from trained receptionists, letting a potential offender know that you have a heavy security system in your building allows you to impose authority and maybe even ward them off. Make sure that it is visible in all entrances, exits, and even blind spots of the building.
  • Visitor badging system. Since the receptionists cannot memorize all the people going in and out of the building, a visitor badging system may help to improve the identification. It also ensures that the visitors of the building are properly escorted and entertained by the employers.


The maintenance is linked to the territorial reinforcement. Maintaining the area very well can help in crime prevention as well. It helps to send a clear message that the business owner is aware of everything that is happening around the building.

  • Broken Windows Theory. This theory states that if the building has a broken window, it will attract other thieves to break inside and steal. Therefore, it is vital to replace any broken window immediately and to discourage potential offenders from stepping inside. You may want to invest in protective windows. It is made of thicker glass with its own lock system. This is to ensure that no one would dare to break in using the windows and also speaks of how there is no weak spot in your building that can be used to forcibly enter the premises.
  • Erase vandals. Even if it’s just a tiny vandal, it must be erased immediately. Check the restrooms and other dim-lighted spaces in your building. Keeping all aspects of your building clean and free of vandals speaks of the pride of the business owner and the security of the place. A sleek-looking building also helps to impress the customers and ensures that the people going in and out of the building are well-monitored.
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