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How To Find A Hidden Spy Camera : Know Whats Not Found

Necessity is the mother of inventions, while technology has given an upgrade on these discoveries. Hidden cameras are necessary tools that aim to help out with security and safety. Nonetheless, (thanks to technology) these items can be used differently, and it can compromise your private deals and transactions.

Ways on how to find a hidden spy camera can be as simple as ABC or can be complicated, like doing a rocket science project. Detecting spy cameras around can be evident, like finding them in some corners of a building or can be unsuspectingly pen hooked on the pocket of the person in front of you. You may say it is just in some fictional action or spy movies that these items exist- probably.

With the technological advances today, these items will exist in just a matter of time. Or as you read this article, the innocent-looking toy carried by a child beside you ‘is recording’ every detail of your moves. This assertion may sound very uncomfortable, but it can happen to anybody.

Learning from the Obvious: Knowing is Half the Battle

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G.I. Joe is one of the most famous military-themed animations during the 80s. This iconic action-packed cartoon always reminds kids that ‘knowing is half the battle.’ Following this renowned tagline, in finding a hidden spy camera, you have to be aware of what items (or make and models) that exist and are available in the market for the general masses. Although ordinary peeps can have access to some military-grade spy cameras, hidden cameras available in the market are most likely to be commonly used.

With this approach, you can narrow down categories about hidden cameras in general. Using and placing these items can boost the overall security of your area or your building by silently tracking and recording every move or happening that can be handy in a given scenario. These discreet watchers and recorders are a great help for your security personnel to ensure the overall safety of your office.

Psychology of Hidden Camera in Human Behavior

Hidden Camera

In a civilized society in this contemporary period, you are expected (as a human being) to display proper etiquette in any given transaction. Your integrity and dignity of your overall character as a human being can be measured when nobody is watching.

Some psychological experiments in gauging typical human behavior reveal a surprising conclusion. Some individuals tended to do the unusual stuff and took advantage of the scenario since nobody is watching (like paying in an honesty store) while others were able to keep the expected behavior even during unguarded moments.

Although these silent and impersonal watchers cannot stop any unusual behavior as it happens, letting your clients know ‘they are being’ watched can help prevent any misconduct in your office or building.

For some crazy reasons, people are eager about how to find a hidden spy camera in public places and private spaces. In addressing this statement, here are some creative ways you can maximize these security gadgets discreetly.

  1. Use furniture.

In a lobby, you can creatively place a hidden battery powered security camera in a lamp on centerpiece furniture or on a coffee table where your customers waiting for their transactions are usually flocking.

  1. Use unsuspicious items to hide your camera with.

If your business has something to do with providing a haven from children while their parents and guardians are busy shopping (playpens)- spy cameras can be handy. You can put a spy camera on a stuffed animal or an innocent portrait facing a specific angle where the presence of your young clients is present.

  1. Inform your employees directly.

Giving warnings for some of your employees may not be enough. That is why putting hidden cameras in some standard office devices like laptops and desktop computers can make them act as per office propriety (especially if you let them know they are being monitored).

  1. Take advantage of modern technology.

Some companies create models of hidden spy cameras that can fit inside power strips, electrical outlets, and smoke detectors. These security items are critical, especially if you are a bank manager or executive who takes care of your responsibilities’ overall safety. Criminal activity can happen any given time in these locations, and if these ‘people of no-good will’ are aware of these security gadgets, they may think twice before taking the first step.

The Innovation of Security or Gadget for Stalking?

Again, technically speaking, these hidden spy cameras can help maintain order in lots of establishments. Nonetheless, these security gadgets can be used in more sinister activities. If you consider yourself as just a ‘Common Joe/Jane’ of society- having privacy is your right, and having these items installed secretly in your hotel unit can be very offensive and can trigger uneasiness. That is why hidden cameras strategically installed in private areas (like bedroom and comfort rooms) without your consent is a big no-no.

On how to find a hidden spy camera in your private abode, you must bear in mind, again that being knowledgeable in these items is your very crucial. You have to know the components and properties of a hidden spy camera. Just like the typical video recording camera, these devices may have cables and apertures in them. Some can also be installed and used wirelessly as well.

The operative word here is ‘hidden,’ which means you have to do some ‘reverse engineering’ on your end on how to find a hidden spy camera nearby. Types of Furniture and appliances positioned in your bed can be an excellent location to set up these security gadgets. According to some writeups, a two-way mirror in your hotel bathroom is one of the best places where stalkers can place these contraptions to monitor and record your activity. As a tip, you can cover these mirrors with newspapers or towels as you use your bathroom to ensure privacy.

Having a general knowledge regarding these security devices can help you with the idea of how to find a hidden spy camera. In contrast to the traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV), these hidden spy cameras can boost your area’s safety and security.

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Hi, my name is Wayne A. Delvalle, and from all of us at Admit One Security — welcome! About ten years ago, I was running a retail store here in Philadelphia and had spent almost every waking hour worrying about it. I was terrified that it would get robbed, that someone would steal my merchandise, or worse. To help my peace of mind, I decided to install some security cameras all around the store. At first, I had no idea what I was doing or how to buy a system that was right for me. So I spent months researching and finally found some excellent products and installed them myself. After that, I realized that I had a huge passion for camera systems and wanted to share it with others. Now, I spend all of my time researching, testing, and writing about security cameras.
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