6 Ways on How to Spot a Fake Security Camera (Easy Steps)

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Most people do not know how to spot a fake security camera. We all know that security cameras have been a staple to people’s home living.

Aside from being a recording device, studies have shown that at least 60% of criminals do not break in if these security features are present.

However, good-quality security cameras can be a little expensive. Therefore, so many people sell and turn into fake ones to save money. Some people consider these devices only to trick criminals.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Fake Security Camera?

Fake Security Camera

Do buying fake security cameras work? Are they effective? Let’s inspect.


  • Fake security cameras are cheaper than real cameras.

Since these devices are not doing their job, they can be cheap. You can buy several fake security cameras for the cost of only one or two legit cameras.

  • A fake security camera is easy to install.

These devices do not have any wires to route or receivers to configure. Therefore, a fake outdoor security camera has an easy installation process. You only have to mount it wherever you want, and you are done. It’s effortless.


  • Fake security cameras might cause legal implications.

When you installed fake security cameras into your business, your family, visitors, and employees will have a false sense of security. When something terrible happened, your business might experience legal trouble.

  • You will have no previous footage.

If there’s a break-in situation into your business or home, you cannot give any proof or footage to law enforcement. When there is no footage, there will be no leads.

  • Trained eyes can easily distinguish fake security cameras.

Fake security cameras can only work for amateur thieves. Anyone who has some experience in breaking in knows how to spot a fake one easily. Rather than deterring criminals, a fake wireless security camera might give criminals the confidence to break in since you do not have the real ones. Meaning, your business or home is still safe for any footage.

  • You will still not have a peace of mind.

Fake security cameras will always leave you wondering. Will thieves fall for it? Will they be deterred? When you have a real security camera, you will have confidence. If you experienced any break-in situations, you could provide the footage that the police can use to track down the suspect.

How Can You Spot a Fake Security Camera? (Step-By-Step Guide)

How Can You Spot a Fake Security Camera

So, how can you spot a fake security camera easily? Here are there six easy ways to spot them.

Step 1. Check the LED lights.

Real security cameras have a night vision feature. Red LED lights will appear bright when the surroundings are dark. However, there are also some fake cameras with fake LED lights. These devices will still flash the LED lights even during the day when they are supposed to be off. This poor feature will tell the intruders that your security camera is fake.

Step 2. Check the security camera’s covers.

I make most fake security cameras of cheap plastic materials, while it makes real cameras with high-quality and water-proof aluminum cover.

Step 3. Check where to best place the security camera.

Because of inferior materials, we place most in protected areas. Real security cameras can be placed anywhere both indoor and outdoor since these cameras have sturdy materials that can withstand any weather.

Step 4. Check the wires.

Wires are not good indicators if a security camera is real or not. However, real wired security cameras do not show wires in plain sight. When the cables are too visible, the cameras are sure to be fake.

Step 5. Learn all the fake camera types.

Searching Google for the kinds of fake security cameras can help you a lot of figuring out if the cameras are fake or not. You will mostly find results like bullet cameras or dome cameras for fake ones.

Step 6. Look for the brand name.

The brand name is one of the easiest and accurate ways on how to spot a fake security camera. Make time searching online. However, some security cameras do not carry brand names on their covers. These devices are also fake.

Are Fake Security Cameras Useful?

If you want to have peace of mind for security, investing in high-quality security cameras is the best choice. Do not rely on fake cameras since these devices will not trick the most experienced thieves. You should also remember that fake or dummy security cameras will not serve you anything besides being a visual deterrent.

If of any break-in, real security cameras have greater usefulness compared to fake ones. They can give you footages. Most real security cameras also have motion sensing features that can startle and scare off thieves. These devices are sure to be cost effective in the long run.

Should You Combine Real Security Cameras with Fake Ones?

Real Security Cameras

Some home and business owners also prefer a combination of a real and fake camera, which is a great idea. They install real security cameras at hidden spots while placing all the fake cameras in the visible areas. This technique is one of the most effective ways to trick well-experienced thieves that you only have fake cameras around. However, you should make sure that all of your cameras blend well to avoid people from detecting them.


Having a high-quality security camera can allow you to monitor what’s happening around your house. These devices provide an optimum level of security and privacy. When you bought a real security camera, you can keep your home and family safer compared to having the fake ones. With these devices, you can watch previous footage from your computer or even smartphone.

Having a legit security system can also help you a lot when you are away. You can still monitor and review anything that happens around and detect any suspicious activity while you are not around.

For business, you can also check your employees every minute to make sure they are working correctly, even when you are not around.

So, has this article taught you how to spot a fake security camera around you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Choose the right security cameras for your safety:

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