Zero Footprint Strong Authentication

Zero-footprint, Strong Authentication

Traditional two-factor controls for authenticating partners, customers, and remote employees – including hardware tokens, digital certificates/soft tokens, bingo cards, and physical biometrics – have a myriad of hidden operational expenses. The inherent complexity of deploying, supporting and maintaining traditional two-factor controls comes from the fact that they must be delivered to end users or their devices. In an enterprise, there can be literally thousands of components to provision, ship, support and de-provision. With constant change of devices and users in any deployment, the operating expense of traditional two-factor controls can actually be greater than the capital expense.
In comparison, AdmitOne Security Sentry implements a zero-footprint, multi-factor control to make strong authentication available to users on demand. The zero-footprint approach eliminates control provisioning, maintenance and de-provisioning costs. In addition to cutting operating expenses, AdmitOne Security Sentry raises your security posture with a multi-layered authentication approach.
As shown above, Sentry addresses the increasing complexity of security threats by applying multiple factors to score the likelihood that a user is, in fact, who he or she claims to be online. The use of multiple factors employs the unique strengths of each factor to mitigate the weaknesses of the other factors, providing a robust, layered approach. Unlike other methods, the risk-based assessment can operate continuously: at initial login; at each interaction during a secure session; as well as during transactions designated as high-risk.
Sentry for Juniper Sentry for Portals
  • Lower operating expense of remote access
  • Increase user productivity with anywhere, anytime remote access
  • Lower help desk costs
  • Lower support costs for portal security
  • Maintain intuitive user experience
  • Simple and fast integration
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Sentry for Juniper
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